Please Sign Our Petition Tell China to Stop Killing its Own Citizens

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Please Sign Our Petition

Tell China to Stop Killing its Own Citizens

On October 4, 1988, China ratified the December 10, 1984, Convention Against Torture and other cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment. On March 2, 1992, it also ratified the November 20, 1989, International Convention on the Rights of the Child. Then In March 2004, China incorporated a provision into its constitution under which the government would respect and guarantee human rights. Despite its agreement to these measures, the situation in China is growing more and more alarming. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has left a trail of victims.

The Communist Party’s History of Violence

Since 1949, an estimated 80 million Chinese victims have died unnatural deaths because of the CCP. One of the founding principles of Communism is “class struggle”, which has resulted in a "genocide" of classes, including the rich, intellectuals, and those critical of the CCP. Here is a list of some of them.

- During Land Reforms, landowners and wealthy farmers were labeled as “reactionaries” or “bad elements” and were slaughtered.

- Reforms in industry and trade were used to eliminate the capitalist class. Chen Yi, mayor of Shanghai, is known to have asked each day: "How many parachutists did we have today?" He was referring to the many capitalists who committed suicide by throwing themselves from the tops of buildings.

- Statistics indicate that by 1950, the CCP had persecuted, including by execution, at least three million religious believers and members of clandestine groups.

- The anti-rightist movement, which first encouraged people to express themselves by promising that there would be no reprisals if they came forward, labeled 540,000 of them as "rightists." Among them 270,000 lost their jobs; 230,000 were labeled "moderate right," "anti-socialist elements," or "anti-CCP."

- Each year during the "Great Leap Forward" included such goals as "achieving a grain production of 7.5 tons per hectare," "doubling steel production," and "surpassing Britain in a decade and the United States in fifteen years." These policies led to a large national famine that cost millions of lives.

- According to even the most conservative figures, the number of unnatural deaths in China during the Cultural Revolution is estimated at 7.73 million. These unnatural deaths occurred not in episodes of rebellion but in periods of stability, as in 1968 when Mao took control of the country.

- On June 4, 1989, thousands of students, intellectuals and Chinese workers were massacred at Tiananmen Square. Their “crime” was to ask the CCP to reform. The communist regime responded to the student’s nonviolent demonstrations with military intervention using machine guns and tanks.

- On July 1999, former Communist Party leader, Jiang Zemin, mobilized the military, police, secret agents, and foreign affairs offices to carry out the persecution against Falun Gong practitioners physically;meanwhile, he had all radio stations, television stations, newspapers,and other media continuously defame and slander Falun Gong so as to incite hatred among the general public. The brutal persecution sought to destroy practitioners physically and mentally through the use of torture and forced-brainwashing; economically through the denial of employment and extortion; and socially by breaking up families via such means as detention, relocation, forced divorce, and homelessness to avoid arrest. The often severe physical abuse has resulted in countless deaths (thousands of which are documented), as well as thousands of cases of severe torture - inflicted disability.

The Chinese communist regime has joined its history with that of the Nazi regime and the Soviet regime. A wide range of groups are labeled as "dissidents" and persecuted. They include the pro-democrats, the pro-independence Taiwanese, Tibetan monks, Uighur Muslims, Christians and Buddhists, those who object when their land is confiscated, those who dare to tell the truth that the CCP wants to hide, and practitioners of Falun Gong. In arrest raids the condemned are jailed in forced labor camps, in the laogai ("re-education centers"). There the victims are submitted to a wide range of tortures, the purpose being to punish them, have them renounce their belief or practice, and submit only to the CCP.

In March 2006, the wife of a Chinese surgeon publicly revealed that hospitals throughout China have been holding prisoners – the extreme majority of whom are Falun Gong practitioners – in order to harvest their organs for profit, thus responding to the needs of patients who need a transplant. The remains of the victims, often while they are still alive, are incinerated to erase all traces of this heinous act. An independent, third-party investigation by a former Canadian member of Parliament, and a renowned human rights lawyer confirmed these allegations and reports (See:

We denounce and condemn the acts of persecution launched by the Chinese Communist Party regime.

In view of the massacres perpetrated by the CCP against its own people, we can no longer support this regime. It is guilty of so many crimes. That is why we give our full support to those who have resigned from the Chinese Communist Party and encourage others to say ”no” to the CCP by resigning from the CCP and its affiliated organizations (the Communist Youth League and the Movement of Young Pioneers).

By signing our petition, you become aware of these tragic events and support the truth, so that justice can be done as soon as possible and that the true face of the CCP can be known to all.

Country Signed on Comments
ROUSSET Albanie assistante sociale france Aug 10 2008 - 20:00
DAN Mihai inginer Romania Aug 9 2008 - 13:05
GUYOT François Alexandre Documentaliste FRANCE Aug 7 2008 - 09:37

Continuez encore et encore à dénoncer et à agir pour faire sorte que la torture puisse enfin en Chine et au Tibet. Malgré le fait que le Dalaï Lama soit une peronnalité de haut rend dommage qu\'il ne soit plus reconnu pour action en dehors de son pays, pas que son ces actions bouddhiques et mais davantages pour ces actes politiques. Il faut se démarquer des USA, et de l\'Europe. Vous avez la chance de faire encore une politique du milieu. Ma sectio Ligue des Droits l\'Homme bisontine vous soutient.
Salutations citoyennes & cordiales.

MIHUT Savu Architect Romania Aug 6 2008 - 08:05

China must respect human rights like all other civilized countries.

CORNELIA Horvat Chemist engineer Rumania Aug 6 2008 - 07:59
SEN Valentin Web&DTP Manager Romania Aug 6 2008 - 07:40

China stop persecuting Falun Gong!!!
Falun Dafa is Good! Falun Dafa Hao!

JAQUIN Christian retraité france Aug 5 2008 - 16:05

que cesse ces barbaries

KLOAREG Lizig conseillere agricole france Aug 5 2008 - 15:55
MARTINEZ Victoria AGT recherche et formation FRANCE Aug 5 2008 - 06:52

En soutient au peuple opprimé par la politique de la Chine.
Que ces JO permettent d\'ouvrir les yeux aux touristes et et à tous ceux qui favorisent le commerce et l\'industrie de faussaires et de trafiquants de quelques produits que ce soit sans oublier les organes humains et les sous produits d\'animaux aux vertus médicinales et aphodisiaques. Contre l\'exploitation des enfants dans le millieu du sport et du spectacle. Puisse le peuple Chinois se réveiller et abandonner peu à peu sa culture assassine de l\'enfance, de la nature et des animaux.

FICHOU Michel Insp.honoraire Ed.Nationale FRANCE Aug 5 2008 - 06:11

ne serait-ce pas avant tout la protection de leurs propres intérêts commerciaux qui expliquerait la frilosité des pays dits libres , les amenant à ne point dénoncer ces scandales de violations des droits de l\'homme par crainte de perdre quelques avantages commerciaux. il faudrait avant tout dénoncer l\'O.M.C.

MARIA LUISA Bustos Veterinarian Chile Aug 2 2008 - 23:05

Let`s all get together in this cause until human rights are respected in China.

LAM Hoi Yan Comparative Psychology USA Aug 2 2008 - 20:59

The Chinese government should stop killing its own good people.

GRUNBERG Bernard Cadre financier PARIS Aug 1 2008 - 18:24

La Chine aux vrais chinois qui
ne veulent pas cette mascarade
de gouvernement qui est toujours aux ordres du livre de couleur rouge.

NECHITCH SOPHIE France Aug 1 2008 - 16:41


GALLET Dominique enseignante France Jul 30 2008 - 12:36

Etre un être humain...

COURBE Jean Colégien France Jul 28 2008 - 22:01

Tout à été dit et mon opinion déjà évoquée.

LACHEVRE Paule infirmiere france Jul 28 2008 - 07:46

l\'exposition \" à corps ouvert \" représente pour moi les fours crématoires modernes avec en plus un but lucratif.
Très loin de l\'apparat des JO

KAWINSKA Christian agent hospitalier france Jul 24 2008 - 15:44

les sportifs de tout les pays devraient avoir honte car ils y vont pour la gloire l argent et les medailles


Les Chinois sous leur aspect moderne ne sont sont que des barbares qui excécutent des êtres humains qui malgrès leur soit disants délits ne méritent pas que l\'on traite de cette façon.
Et devant public comme au moyen-âge. Il devrait se réferer au Boudhisme .
Je ne regarderai pas leurs jeux olympiques qui ne sont qu\'une mascarade .

DURAND Christine oenologue france Jul 21 2008 - 22:57
GAVIGNET Aurore avocat france Jul 21 2008 - 15:51

Ceux qui marchent sur les droit de l\'homme aujourd\'hui, mourrons piétiner demain sans droit, par des hommes libres.

DANIELE LUSSANA Daniele Lib. Prof. Italy Jul 17 2008 - 14:06

Che l\'occidente apra gli occhi!!!

GIANNI ALFIERI IMPIEGATO bergamo - italia Jul 17 2008 - 06:46

Grazie al vs. il impegno, solo attraverso queste iniziative che il modo si rende conto che esistono attrocità anche nei paesi definiti\"civili...\"\"
Gianni Alfieri

DARBOS Eric commercial france Jul 15 2008 - 20:45
SHARON KING Sharon housewife england Jul 14 2008 - 04:02
COSMO Cosmo None None Jul 14 2008 - 03:24

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G.K. POUTCH Mr. banking éire Jul 13 2008 - 16:24

I hope the olympics work well....

LIZ Liz Account Executive USA Jul 12 2008 - 20:12

Stop this violence!

FOREVERHAUNTED Candie High school student United States of America Jul 12 2008 - 06:34

I was absolutely flabberghasted when I read about the recent tortures in China. Lately, I\'ve been having nightmares about torture in China ... but it was before I even knew about Falun Dafa and the awareness that\'s being spread. I know that my nightmares may not surprise anyone, but it certainly shocked me because I have actually been channeling that hostile brutality for months, without even knowing about it at all! A friend of mine sent me a link to the awareness and it hit me a like a ton of bricks; this is it; this is what my nightmares were about! I\'m definitely going to keep all of China in my prayers tonight! GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU PETITIONERS, THE CREATOR OF THE PETITION, AND ALL OF THOSE SUFFERING IN CHINA!

MIN Li china Jul 11 2008 - 19:40