Telephone Monitoring During Olympic Games Powered by European Companies

By Yves Dumans 17/05/08

BRUSSELS—The Green Party of the European Parliament hosted a conference on May 15, entitled "Olympic Rights for Human Games."

One of the most noted speakers, Erich Moechel, Austrian media critic and technology columnist, revealed that all telephone communications of delegations, athletes and journalists will be under 24/7 surveillance during the Olympic Games.

The equipment used by the Chinese secret service has been produced and deployed by European companies like Ericsson and Nokia Siemens. Surveillance methods and protocols are developed in the European Telecom Standards Institute in France, which is officially recognized by the European Commission as a 'European standards organization'.

Some of the equipment used to spy on reporters and athletes will be the Intercept Management System for fixed and mobile networks developed by Ericsson. The Ericsson Company now has R&D institutes, one academy, and about five dozen joint ventures, subsidiaries and offices in china.

The Chinese regime has also acquired the Siemens 'Intelligence Platform', a system capable of automated topic, word and speaker recognition. It is said the system can even detect the emotions of the speaker and is able to render automated transcripts of conversations.

Considering the widespread communications monitoring and the amount of police and paramilitary troops being deployed in the run up to the events in August, these Olympics can truly be called the 'Surveillance Games'.

Last month, for example, the city of Beijing issued new rules to ban items "that affect social order and public safety." Random searches of people and vehicles have already started around Tiananmen Square.