Report about Jin Meihua handed to the United Nations

This Report was handed to the “Office of the High Commissioner of Human Rights” of the United Nations on the 30th of January 2009, regarding to the persecution case of Falun Gong practitioner Jin Meihua, and achieved positive result.

Case Verified and submitted by

International Federation for Justice in China

Case Provided by

Global Mission to Rescue Persecuted Falun Gong Practitioners

Updated on Jan. 30, 2009

Ms. Jin Meihua is a forty-eight-year-old resident of Hangzhou. She started practicing Falun Gong in 1996 and formerly served as an assistant contact person in Hangzhou.

November 19, 2008       Fuyang Municipal Court of Zhejiang Province retried Jin Meihua and added ten years to her original five-year sentence.

October 14, 2008       Fuyang Municipal Court of Zhejiang Province tried nine Falun Dafa practitioners including Jin Meihua. No court decision was made.

March, 2008       Jin Meihua was sent to Zhejiang Province Women's Prison. Prison address:  Yuxin Road No.16, No.2 Section Ceiyuan, Hangzhou city, China,Zip Code: 310012

December 5, 2007        Jin Meihua was still detained in Hangzhou City Detention Center. Center Address: Laodongyu West Road No. 28, Hangzhou City, China. Zip Code: 310023. Phone:(0086)571 87285400

November 15, 2007       Hangzhou City Xiacheng District Court sentenced Jin Meihua to five years in prison.

November 12, 2007       Defense attorneys Mr. Mo Shaoping and Mr. Shang Baojun established Mr. Jin's innocence at Hangzhou City Xiacheng District Court. They argued that under China's Constitution and all other laws currently applicable in China, Falun Gong is not illegal, and therefore Jin Meihua has every right to believe in Falun Gong. They also responded with sufficient reasoning to every accusation made by the police against Jin Meihua. The police had nothing to say to rebut. The defense attorneys asked the judge to declare the defendant not guilty. The public prosecutor was Lan Hongxia.

September, 2007       After a four-month delay, Hangzhou City Xiacheng District Police Sub-Bureau quickly transferred Jin's case to the Procuratorate on hearing Jin Meihua's husband Zhang Xianqun planned to appeal. Mr. Zhang held that it was illegal to deprive Jin's right to see her attorney under the excuse of “state secret.”

August, 2007       Jin Meihua's family and attorney requested to meet Jin. However, Hangzhou City Xiacheng District Police Sub-Bureau, Hangzhou City Police Bureau and  People’s Procuratorate of Xiacheng District of Huangzhou rejected the request. All parties claimed the orders regarding Falun Gong came from upper level. They could not help.

July 6, 2007       Hangzhou City Xiacheng District Police Sub-Bureau issued an arrest warrant.

Mid-June, 2007       Hangzhou City Xiacheng District Police Sub-Bureau rejected Jin's request to meet her attorney under the excuse that the case involved “state secret.”

June 5, 2007       Jin Meihua was abducted by Hangzhou City Xiacheng District Police Sub-Bureau. Jin's daughter was abducted on her way to work. Their home was forced open and searched. The police confiscated Jin's printer, computer, MP3 player, books and other properties. Chen, Head of Wulinmen Police Station, Lin, Director of  Hangzhou City Xiacheng District Police Sub-Bureau, and a former member of “610 Office” lead a team of sixteen or seventeen to carry out the abduct and confiscation.

2004       Jin Meihua was released but harassed by police. Jin was fired by her former employer.

2001 to 2004       Jin Meihua was persecuted for practicing Falun Gong. Her family was close to being bankrupt and broken.

May, 2004       News came out that Jin Meihua was imprisoned in Zhejiang Province Qiaosi Women's Jail. Jail Address: Nebula Garden, Economic and Technological Development District, Hangzhou City, China.

2001       Jin Meihua was sentenced to four years in prison.

1999       Former Head of Chinese Communist Party Jiang Zemin ordered to band Falun Gong. Jin Meihua's home phone was monitored.

Persecution Methods Used by Zhejiang Province Women's Jail:

1.A conversion leading team was formed. Members included the Jail Director Fang Yuhong, Lin Fang, Wu and others. Wu Ying, Wang Hong, Shen Lai, Zhang Jinyun, Xu Xianghong assisted with conversion.
2.Inmates were used to monitor Falun Gong practitioners and shared their brainwashing experience.
3.Falun Gong practitioners were deprived of sleep for days.
4.Falun Gong practitioners were forced to watch brainwashing video day in and day out.
5.Falun Gong practitioners were confined in small cells.
6.Family visits were refused.
7.Correspondence with family was forbidden.
8.Falun Gong practitioners were not allowed to order food.
9.More than eight hours of labor with no break for a month, sometimes for six months.
10.Newly imprisoned practitioners were deprived of sleep and shower, They were  confined in cell and not allowed to step out for meals or restroom. They were brainwashed and forced to write guarantee to give up Falun Gong. Some were forced to take psychiatric medicine. Their cells were covered with thick curtains.

Contacts at Zhejiang Province Qiaosi Women's Jail:

Chen Yuhai, Political Commissar ;Office(0086)571 86933601, Home (0086)571 86931616
Zha Jiahong, Jail Director ;Office(0086)571 86933602,Home(0086)571 86931818
Zhu Hailin, Associate Political Commissar ;Office(0086)571 86933603,Home(0086)571 86931718
Jiang Jianming,Director of Political Department ;Office(0086)571 86933609 ,Home(0086)571 86931800
Luo Huiqiao, Assistant Director ;Office(0086)571 86933605,Home(0086)571 86931586
Xie Boliang, Assistant Director ;Office(0086)571 86933606,Home(0086)571 86931998
Shi Zhiren, Assistant Director ;Office(0086)571 86933607,Home(0086)571 86931618
Wu Jianguo, Assistant Director ;Office(0086)571 86933608,Home(0086)571 86931866
Li Sixin, Assistant Director ;Office(0086)571 86933610,Home(0086)571 86933180

Police Hangzhou City Xiacheng District Police Sub-Bureau involved in Jin Meihua's case: Chen Yuan, Pan Guo, Ling Jun, Wu Jun, Xu Yihong, Su Minwei, Xiao Liquan, etc.

Phone of Hangzhou City Wulin Police Station: (0086)571 87016407


1.Because the Chinese Communist Party utilized the whole state apparatus to persecute Falun Gong, Jin's case involves Political and Legislative Affairs Committee, Municipal Committee, Police Bureaus, Courts,  Procuratorate, 610 Office and even upper level. This is a systematic persecution.
2.Due to Chinese Communist Party's monitoring, Internet blockage and other means of blocking information, the above are the only details obtained about Jin's case.