New Evidence Helps Organ Harvesting Case (Video)

NTDTV 26/08/2008


New evidence has come to light that further proves the case that the Chinese Communist Party has been harvesting organs from illegally detained Falun Gong practitioners. A new documentary has unwittingly bolstered the case championed by human rights lawyers David Kilgour [KILL-gore] and David Matas [MAY-tuss]. Here's that story:


Organs are being harvested from live Falun Gong detainees in Mainland China--this is what David Kilgour—a former Canadian Member of Parliament—and David Matas—a Canadian human rights lawyer—have been saying since 2006. They've been traveling the world with their investigative report in hand, trying to get governments to recognize these atrocities and help put a stop to them. Well, that job just became a little easier--thanks, ironically, to the Chinese Communist Party.

As a key part of their investigation into the organ harvesting allegations, Kilgour and Matas paid a research team to call Chinese hospitals pretending to be searching for an organ. One of these callers talked to a Dr. Lu Guoping. Dr. Lu said that he had traveled to prisons to select Falun Gong detainees who would be killed for their organs, and that his hospital used these organs.

But recently, Dr. Lu was interviewed as part of a documentary film by Hong Kong-based Phoenix TV. In the documentary, Dr. Lu acknowledges that it was he who spoke with this investigator over the phone—but he says his words were changed in the transcript, and that he never admitted to any of the above.

This Phoenix TV documentary has been endorsed by China's Communist Party and is being distributed through its overseas consulates.

But what the documentary fails to mention is that there's an audio recording of that original phone call. So now that Dr. Lu has admitted he was the one who spoke with the investigator, the Communist Party will have a hard time claiming the investigation was made up. And that's a big boost to the credibility of the Kilgour-Matas team.

On their website, Kilgour and Matas are making available the Phoenix TV documentary video alongside the original audio recording of the undercover phone interview. There's also a transcript of the interview in Chinese and English . You can find it all at www.Organ Harvest or click on the link beneath this video on our website,

This is Matt Gnaizda and Ben Youngquest, NTD, New York.