Our mission

Human rights are universal; they do not end at borders. Members of the International Federation for Justice in China (IFJC) unite in their common purpose to further the fundamental rights and dignity of all in China, to express our common humanity, and to be the voice for those who cannot speak for themselves—a voice for the oppressed and for victims of conflict and injustice.

The IFJC brings together non-governmental organizations, associations, and individuals.

The IFJC primarily seeks to expose acts of persecution by the Chinese communist regime that violate human rights and China’s own constitution.

Many people around the world are deeply concerned about the lack of improvement in the human rights situation in China. Despite explicit promises made by Chinese government officials in 2001, the regime has not taken serious steps to expand basic rights and freedom.

The IFJC seeks to uphold and enforce fundamental human rights in China, to hold the Chinese regime to its promise to improve human rights, and to safeguard and guarantee the dignity of all lives.

We focus on China because the communist regime has lost its moral compass; it has placed itself as the highest power, as the arbiter of right and wrong: To agree with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is right. By this warped definition, placing anything before the Party, including a higher power, truth, or even justice is wrong. Thus the CCP has placed itself in a position where it cannot correct itself. It needs external input to do so.

The IFJC seeks to make the best use of information that has been skilfully obtained and systematically verified. This information is important, not only to sensitize national and international society, but also to support the work of victims and advocates of human rights on the ground.

Respect for freedom of expression and creation is essential. Unfortunately in China, the growing mobilization of civil society for human rights has been met with an intense repression of those seeking justice. The IFJC supports and protects the defenders of human rights and justice and mobilizes the international community to recognize their significance.

The IFJC uses all mechanisms at the regional, national, and international levels that can fight against the impunity of the CCP in order to secure the victims’ rights to truth, justice, and reparation. The IFJC partners with the media to help the world’s people understand the truth of the situation and speaks to governments and NGOs in order to save the victims.

The IFJC has its headquarters in Paris. The Declaration of the “Fédération Internationale pour la Justice en Chine” (in English “International Federation for Justice in China”) was filed in Paris in accordance with the provisions of Article 5 of the Act of 1 July 1901, and Article 1 of its implementing decree of 16 August 1901.