Persecution Facts

72-Year-Old Woman Loses Eyesight After Torture for Her Faith

Jack Phillips / January 14, 2017

An elderly woman was severely tortured at a facility in southern China and lost her eyesight in the process.

Wu Yangzhen, 72, was detained and tortured for filing criminal complaints against former Chinese Communist Party leader Jiang Zemin over his persecution of Falun Gong practitioners beginning in July 1999.

Security Forces Brainwash for Bucks in China

Matthew Robertson / August 12, 2014

Dragging people from their beds, locking them away in secrecy for months or years, and subjecting them to forced ideological education would not, at first blush, seem like a very productive form of economic activity.

But the officials who run this system in China—which does not even officially exist—seem to be making money hand over fist.

Mr. Cai Fuchen Dies Under Suspicious Circumstances in a Jilin Province Prison on or about

From Clearwisdom 16/09/2010

Name: Cai Fuchen

Gender: Male

Age: in his 40s

Address: Unknown

Occupation: Government employee of the Longjing Tax Bureau

Date of Death: September 15, 2010

Date of Most Recent Arrest: May 24, 2004

Most Recent Place of Detention: Jilin Province Prison in Gongzhuling

City: Gongzhuling

Province: Jilin

Wenyi Wang : Why I Protested Hu Jintao at the White House

The story behind the 2006 protest

By Wenyi Wang / 18.01.2011

On April 20, 2006, I interrupted remarks by China’s paramount leader Hu Jintao at a press conference at the White House with a simple protest: I shouted and held up a banner.

A Childhood Full Of Tears - the Story of Xinxin and Her Family

By Jin Ming / 09.01.2011

Xinxin and Her Family

One year old Xinxin and her father Liu Yongwang

Xinxin, 11, lives in Baoding City, Hebei Province. Her father Liu Yongwang was a chief engineer at a foreign company in Beijing. Xinxin's mother was on the faculty at a university. Xinxin's parents both practice Falun Gong and follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to be a good people. They were very well respected. However, since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started to persecute Falun Gong in July 1999, Xinxin's life has been full of tears.

Inhuman Insult and Torture

By a Clearwisdom correspondent in Hebei Province, China / 04.11.2010

Name: Liu Yongwang

Gender: Male

Age: 38

Address: Unknown

Occupation: Department Manager and Chief Engineer

Date of Most Recent Arrest: August, 2005

Most Recent Place of Detention: Jidong Prison in Tangshan City

City: Tangshan

Province: Hebei

Ms. Geng Jin'e Dies in Custody in Beijing

From Clearwisdom 13/07/2010

Name: Geng Jin'e

Gender: Female

Age: 64

Address: 22-Fuxing Street, Haidian District, Beijing

Occupation: Unknown

Date of Death: June 10, 2010

Date of Most Recent Arrest: November 28, 2008

Most Recent Place of Detention: Tuanhe Women's Forced Labor Camp in Daxing District, Beijing

City: Beijing

Persecution Suffered: Forced labor, brainwashing, beatings, home ransacked, interrogation, detention

Chinese Writer, Activist Critically Ill After Three Years In Prison

By Li Jingyi  11/07/2010

After 3 years in prison, Chinese poet, freelance writer, and activist, Li Hong, is in a critical condition. His wife and friends are calling for help from the international community.

Urgent Appeal: Falun Gong Practitioner “Disappeared” from Shanghai Airport en Route to United States

From Falun Dafa Information Center 03/04/2010

New York—A Falun Gong practitioner en route to reunite with his wife in the United States “disappeared” from Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport over ten days ago and has not been heard from since, raising serious concerns over his safety. The Falun Dafa Information Center is urging the international community to take immediate action to discover his whereabouts and ensure his safety.

Shen Yun Artist Exposes Decade-Long Persecution against Her Family

By Wen Hua 09/03/2010

The beautiful and mysterious sound of the erhu floated through the theater as the musician’s fingers glided gently over the strings. The tempo of the music accelerated more and more, like flowers blossoming wildly in spring, until reaching its peak—and the music suddenly stopped. The audience was utterly silent for several moments before long and thunderous applause filled the hall.

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