50 Years After the Cultural Revolution, China’s Youth Have No Idea What It Was About

Leo Timm / May 23, 2016

May 16 marks the 50th anniversary of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, a destructive Chinese political movement launched by communist dictator Mao Zedong. The campaign created tens of millions of victims, particularly among intellectuals and other “class enemies.”

In ten years of mandated chaos, millions were killed or driven to suicide in state-sanctioned violence, while zealous young ideologues, the infamous Red Guards, travelled about the country destroying and denigrating China’s traditions and heritage.

China’s Systemic Use of Torture Put Under Congressional Scrutiny

Gary Feuerberg / April 20, 2016

WASHINGTON—The Congressional-Executive Commission on China (CECC)’s hearing on April 14 on systematic torture commonly used in Communist China’s detention facilities was sobering and disturbing. The witnesses provided graphic detail of what they had personally seen and experienced.

The primary purpose of torture in China is to coerce confessions to crimes. It is also employed to breakdown the subject’s will and humiliate him or her. For example, it has been employed extensively on Falun Gong adherents to make them renounce their beliefs and practice.

Former Head of China’s Secret Police, Li Dongsheng, Sentenced to 15 Years’ Imprisonment

Matthew Robertson / January 24, 2016

Li Dongsheng, a powerful Communist Party official who once ran China’s Gestapo-like secret police force, as well as serving as vice minister of public security, was sentenced to jail for 15 years on Jan. 12. The news was publicized by China Central Television, the official broadcast mouthpiece of the Chinese regime, and other official media channels.

Inside Miss World Canada’s Secret Plan to Get Into China

Matthew Little / November 26, 2015

Miss World Canada, Anastasia Lin, was midway over the Atlantic Ocean when the Chinese Embassy in Ottawa decided to tell a reporter she was not welcome in China.

The beauty queen had been excited to make the trip and had kept the details absolutely confidential. A small group put together a last ditch effort to get her to the Miss World 2015 competition in Sanya, China.

Amnesty International Aids Chinese Woman’s Escape From Persecution Against Falun Gong

Leo Timm / November 3, 2015

When it comes to human rights in China, there’s often doubt that the Party’s repression can be meaningfully allayed through nonviolent means—but a recent case from Taiwan offers some cause for hope.

Tortured China Rights Lawyer Gao Zhisheng Speaks Out

Theepochtimes / September 23, 2015

BEIJING—In his first interview in five years, leading Chinese rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng said he was tortured with an electric baton to his face and spent three years in solitary confinement during his latest period of detention since 2010.

The Nobel Peace Prize nominee also vowed to never leave China despite the hardships and having to live apart from his family.

Chinese Police Arrest 44 Who Attempted to Sue Former Regime Leader

Jenny Li / August 10, 2015

Chinese communist authorities have arrested several dozen Chinese who attempted to lodge legal complaints against the former Party leader Jiang Zemin, according to an overseas rights group.

The campaign to pressure Chinese authorities to indict Jiang, for launching the persecution of the Falun Gong spiritual practice, has been building in momentum since May; most of the individuals lodging the complaints in China—which now reach past 80,000—are practitioners of Falun Gong.

Human Rights Magazine Editor: Lawsuits Against Former Party Leader Need World’s Attention

Lu Chen & Larry Ong / June 28, 2015

Since the end of May, over 10,000 Chinese citizens have filed criminal charges against Jiang Zemin, the former head of the Communist Party. It is a laudable move, says the former editor of a Chinese pro-democracy publication, but one that needs global support to ensure the petitioners’ safety.

China Needs 2 Trillion Yuan Annually to Combat Pollution

Frank Fang / April 28, 2015

A report by China’s central bank says that the country needs 2 trillion yuan (about $322 billion) every year for the next five years if it wants to counter the impact of pollution on the environment. The startling number is three percent of China’s total GDP.

The annual government budget sits at around 14.2 trillion yuan and the portion dedicated to the environment was 1 trillion yuan in 2014.

Two Hundred Million Chinese Choose Freedom

Larry Ong / April 16, 2015

Beginning in 2004, thousands, then tens of thousands, then over one hundred thousand Chinese people began renouncing the Chinese Communist Party every day. The service that recorded these statements calls itself the Tuidang Center. And now it has recorded 200 million renunciations—about a seventh of the Chinese population.

“It’s a milestone, a good number of people,” said David Tompkins, a spokesman for The Tuidang Center, in a telephone interview. “It shows that the Tuidang Movement is growing in China, and reaching all Chinese people.”

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