Labour Camps and Organ Harvesting & Trafficking

Vienna Parliament Condemns Organ Harvesting in China

Larry Ong / April 28, 2017

The city of Vienna became the first European capital to echo a European Parliament resolution which censures the Chinese regime for its organ harvesting crimes recently.

The Vienna Provincial Parliament “condemns the systematic, state-sanctioned organ harvesting from prisoners in the People’s Republic of China,” read the resolution, which was unanimously passed on April 7.

Canadian Lawmakers Hear From Organ Harvesting Investigators

Limin Zhou / November 15, 2016

Two investigators who have spent 10 years researching evidence of forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience in China told Parliament’s human rights subcommittee that the practice of killing for profit-driven transplants continues unabated in China today.

International human rights lawyer David Matas and former Crown attorney and cabinet minister David Kilgour presented the findings of their latest report, released in June, at a House of Commons hearing on Nov. 3.

U.S. House of Representatives Passes Resolution Condemning Chinese Regime's Organ Harvesting Crimes Against Falun Gong / June 17, 2016

The U.S. House of Representatives unanimously passed Resolution 343 on the evening of June 13, 2016. The resolution calls on China's communist regime to immediately stop forced organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners and other prisoners of conscience.

US House Foreign Affairs Committee Marks Up Resolution Condemning Organ Harvesting in China

Minghui / March 26, 2016

The United States House Foreign Affairs Committee (HFAC) marked up H.Res. 343 on March 16. The resolution calls on the Chinese government to cease the practice of state-sanctioned organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners, and to cooperate with investigations into these crimes. Currently, the resolution has 166 bipartisan cosponsors.

Organ Transplant Advocacy Group Is Nominated for Nobel Prize

Matthew Robertson / February 17, 2016

Doctors Against Forced Organ Harvesting, a network of doctors and surgeons who concern themselves with ending the practice of coercive organ transplantation, was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize recently, according to a press release by the group and one of the individuals who nominated them.

“DAFOH is pleased to announce that we have been nominated for the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize,” the executive director of the organization, Dr. Torsten Trey, wrote in an email, using the acronym of the nonprofit, which is based in Washington, D.C.

Italy’s Parliamentarians Make New Move Against Organ Trafficking in China

Massimiliano Russano / August 10, 2015

Italy’s parliament recently took another step forward in its efforts to halt organ trafficking in China.

On July 31, eight members of parliament from the Five Star Movement party proposed a resolution aimed at fighting illegal organ trade in China, and called for the release of all prisoners of conscience, including practitioners of Falun Gong.

SARS Whistleblower Exposes Organ Harvesting by Chinese Military

Matthew Robertson / March 10, 2015

The Chinese doctor who made world headlines in 2003 by exposing the coverup of the deadly disease Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome has now come forth to expose another of China’s dark secrets: the involvement of Chinese military hospitals in harvesting organs from prisoners—sometimes while the victims are still alive.

Chinese Officer: Jiang Zemin Ordered Organ Harvesting

Epoch Times / January 11, 2015

A secretly recorded phone call by a group that investigates human rights abuses in China may shed light on a crucial question: did a former leader of the Chinese Communist Party directly order the genocide, by cruel and unusual means, of a religious group?

When the Body Becomes a Marketplace for Transplant Organs

Torsten Trey / October 18, 2014

Human dignity is inviolable. It is inseparable from the human being. How incomparably precious human dignity is often becomes clear only when one loses it. If one declares with sublime intention, that human dignity is inviolable, it is of course shocking when not only human dignity, but also the physical body is being harmed.

Italian Congress Shows the Double Face of Organ Transplantation

Andrea Lorini / October 11, 2014

ROME—The congress of the Italian Society of Organ Transplantation (SITO) concluded in Siena, Italy, end September. Doctors and professional workers shared with the public the reality of a sensitive issue. From one side, Italy is one of the most advanced medical countries in the world, from another side, there is still poor information about the illegal organs’ market, which flourishes in some regions of the world.

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