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Chinese Human Rights Lawyer Gao Zhisheng Still Missing After a Year (Video)

NTDTV 05/02/2010

A year ago yesterday, one of Chinas most prominent human rights lawyers, Gao Zhisheng, disappeared. Chinese security agents abducted him from his home and detained him without charge in an undisclosed location.

Jiang Zemin indicted in Spain for genocide and torture of Falun Gong practitioners

From NTDTV 07/12/09

Five high-ranking Chinese Communist Party Officials have been indicted in a Spanish court for crimes of torture and genocide against Falun Gong practitioners.

Beijing Lawyer Xu Zhiyong Held for Tax Evasion

By NTDTV 05/08/09

Chinese legal scholar Xu Zhiyong has been detained since last week. And now, according to the Associated Press, his brother says he’s been accused of tax evasion. Police had taken him from his home early in the morning of July 29th.

New Evidence Helps Organ Harvesting Case (Video)

NTDTV 26/08/2008


New evidence has come to light that further proves the case that the Chinese Communist Party has been harvesting organs from illegally detained Falun Gong practitioners. A new documentary has unwittingly bolstered the case championed by human rights lawyers David Kilgour [KILL-gore] and David Matas [MAY-tuss]. Here's that story:

People’s Republic of China: The Olympics countdown – broken promises

Amnesty Internatioanl      28/07/2008


With the Olympics less than two weeks away, it is time to assess progress made by the Chinese authorities to improve human rights in line with their own commitments made in 2001 when the International Olympic Committee (IOC) chose Beijing to host the Games. Regrettably, since the publication of Amnesty International’s last Olympics Countdown report on 1 April 2008, there has been no progress towards fulfilling these promises, only continued deterioration. Unless the authorities make a swift change of direction, the legacy of the Beijing Olympics will not be positive for human rights in China.


Contributions in a Chinese school for Sichuan earthquake, Hypocrisy! (Video)

Dajiyuan / 18.05.2008

Danielle Wang meets with Honorable David Kilgour to discuss her father’s plight (Video)

Free Zhiwen! Rescue Team / 03.16.2008

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