Beijing 2008—Human Rights Flame

Sydney bridge protests ahead of torch run

CNN News 23/04/08

The latest leg of the protest-plagued Olympic torch relay brought the flame to Australia Wednesday, with demonstrators vowing to show up 500-strong and police countering with special powers to stop and search them.

The Beijing Olympics and the 1936 Berlin Olympics - Similarities and Differences (Part 2)


Hitler created an "economic miracle" in Germany, much as the CCP has created what appears to be an "economic miracle" in China.

The Beijing Olympics and the 1936 Berlin Olympics - Similarities and Differences (Part 1)


The British newspaper Times and some U.S. Congressmen have equated the Beijing Olympics with the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Not surprisingly, the comparison triggered an immediate protest from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). But what of the comparison? Let's go back and look at what occurred around the Berlin Olympics.

Who Exactly Is Politicizing the Olympics?

Since Beijing has entered the count-down to the Olympics, criticism, protests, and threats of boycott from the international community against the Chinese Communist regime for its intensified human rights violations in the lead-up to the Olympics have been steadily on the rise. The Communist regime is now accusing others of "politicizing the Olympic Games" and trying to stifle criticism by saying they oppose such actions.

Prince Charles and the Beijing Olympics

Free Tibet Campaign / 28.01.08

There has been tremendous press speculation today about the reasons Prince Charles will not be attending the Beijing Olympics.

NZ's Art Deco Capital Hosts the Human Rights Torch

New Zealand's home of art deco architecture, Napier, is the second last New Zealand city to host the Human Rights Torch before it travels to Los Angeles on January 1.

NZ Stands Up for Rights in China Before Olympics

City Councillors, MPs, monks, ethnic groups and ordinary kiwis came out in droves over the Christmas holiday to support a global push for basic human rights in China before the Beijing Olympics this year.

Human Rights Torch First to See Sun in 2008

The Human Rights Torch has come to the end of its journey in New Zealand, ushering in the New Year in style in Gisborne - the first city in the world to see the sun.

Olympic Watch statement one year before Beijing 2008 Olympics

When in 2001 the International Olympic Committee awarded the 2008 Olympic Games to Beijing, it did so as the Beijing bidding committee pledged that the hosting of the Games “will help the development of human rights” and most notably, “there will be no restrictions on media reporting and movement of journalists up to and including the Olympic Games”..

Human Rights Torch Relay Arrives in Wollongong

SYDNEY—The regional New South Wales leg of the Global Human Rights Torch Relay launched in Wollongong last Friday with former Commonwealth Games baton relay runner, Geoff Gregory, running the first leg of the relay from Wollongong Lighthouse.

Former Commonwealth Games relay runner Geoff Gregory launched

the regional NSW leg of the Global Human Rights Relay at the Wollongong Lighthouse.

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